Gulf Coast Prison Ministries distributes Bibles when available, study books when approved by the chaplain, and gospel tracts by the thousands.

We have seven publications of our own written by experienced, full-time prison missionaries that are specifically geared to prison evangelism and personal work.

When conducting prison revivals, we often give a concordance, a large print King James Bible, Bible dictionaries, and other helpful books to prisoners as incentive to bring others to the meetings.  These particular rewards have helped often times to increase attendance.  However, we believe there is no substitute for sound, Holy Ghost preaching to get the job done.

Book Cost and ordering

Individual books: $5 each (unless otherwise indicated) (includes postage)

To place a book order contact us using either the email address or phone number in the contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Books Available

This booklet (36 pages) is used by other ministries and churches because of its unique self-perpetuating quality, as it were.

The new Christian has the opportunity to complete the short test in the back and send it in to the home office in Ashville, Alabama. In turn, the correspondence student will receive by mail all of our short books (one at a time) replete with a test. When book #6 is completed, the students will have worked through the introductory unit of the Bible institute and will be given information on how they may go on and earn a Bible degree up to the Doctorate level.

This booklet (31 pages) clearly lays out what every sinner must do before he can be redeemed…turn. One must complete a 180-degree loop from the way he was headed…away from God.

The turn is defined as repentance (Ezekiel 14:6), which every lost soul must do if he wants to go to heaven and stay out of hell.

Salvation is not progressive, but the turn is an extended period of time that spans a matter of months when God deals heavily with a man.

The turn may very well occur only once in a person’s lifetime.

This work (48 pages) outlines the day of adversity when all salvation takes place. No one is ever saved in prosperity because it’s only in the narrow place that the unregenerate man considers God.

Prisons see more folks come to the Lord Jesus Christ per capita than those on the outside because everyone behind bars is distressed, perplexed, and in adversity.

This work (63 pages) was Dr. Turner’s Masters-degree thesis. Even though all three terms allude to negativity, they are very distinct and different.

The spirit, soul, and body are undeniably coupled with this trio of words respectively at least 80% of the time they occur in the Word of God.

All sin and transgression emanate from iniquity, which is our greatest problem.

This brief study (26 pages) compares these two New Testament terms and parallels damnation by works with salvation and service, respectively.

“By faith” and “through faith” show up in the Word of God after the resurrection of the Savior. The former phrase is always associated with an action verb (works) and the latter is intrinsic, dealing with the mind and heart.

More church members are striving to get to heaven today “by” faith instead of “through” the Lord Jesus Christ than ever before in the history of the New Testament church.

This eye-opening survey (89 pages) is the culmination of a 3-year anonymous poll Dr. Turner took in about 300 churches he personally preached in, in the Southeast. It is not a treatise per se condemning the use of medications, but rather conclusive proof that any medication we take affects the spirit of man.

The church’s use of medications over the years has increased equally with the world’s use of prescription drugs. It is Dr. Turner’s conclusion that this world-wide relegating phenomenon is the major, if not the very, reason the church is in the declining spiritual condition it’s in today.

This valuable manual (48 pages) is the key to starting and, more importantly, keeping a prison ministry.

Since 1987, Dr. Turner has been full-time in prison work and personally violated most of the 50+ guidelines in ignorance. He learned the hard way how it needs to be done to keep the jail door open.

This simple set of “do’s and don’ts” will help keep you from joining the swelling ranks of folks who “used” to be involved in prison evangelism.

This work is a compilation of the twelve best and/or most contributing books ever written on manuscript evidence and the history of the Bible, particularly its preservation and perfection. We have gleaned from each of the author’s works, featuring 10% or less of the original volume. In other words we skimmed the cream off the top of each one and put it in a graduating format from simple to complex.

We defined every word we thought would give a fifth grader any problems, that being the grade level of the average prisoner locked up in America. Unlike the vast majority of books written on this subject, this one can be understood by the average man in the pew.

The book is 342 pages and the price is $30 (black letter edition) or $35 (red letter edition). Each price includes postage.


The purpose of this little Bible dictionary is to provide the new Bible believer and others who are interested in understanding and learning God’s Word with an easy access to the meaning of old English and special Bible words which are not used commonly today. You will have at your immediate disposal meanings to Scripture words like “ignominy”, “lasciviousness”, “phylacteries”, “superfluity”, and many more.

To order the dictionary, contact: Lighthouse Prison Ministries, 7024 Amherst Street, San Diego, CA 92115 or Cost: $5.00 (includes postage).

Special Offer

We will send any prisoner anywhere in the USA free books that we have written especially for inmates.

 If you have a relative, friend, or acquaintance behind bars, send us his/her:

  1.  Full name
  2. Inmate ID number
  3. Accurate and complete mailing address
  4. A short paragraph explaining their spiritual condition (lost, saved, searching, etc.)

Send the information to the contact information at the bottom of this page.