Gulf Coast Prison Ministries works hand in hand with Prison Bible School, a correspondence school that offers a free 3-year Graduate of Theology Degree (Thg.).  All time limits and other requirements have been waived.

We now have fifty prison Bible colleges in twenty states.  Students enrolled in these Prison Bible Schools are charged absolutely nothing, since Gulf Coast Prison Ministries buys and donates the entire curriculum to the local church that does the grading and copying. Other institutes are interested and inquiring.  

Foundation Ministries’ Prison Bible School has been designed to help correction facility professionals meet the need of providing sound, practical teaching to inmates.  Our curriculum has been developed to give the inmate a self-guided tour through studies designed to build their character while challenging their minds. Students enrolled in the Prison Bible School will learn the Word of God and those things that are pertinent to living the Christian life today.  They will gain this comprehensive instruction through practical studies like “Dealing with Discouragement” and “Overcoming Sinful Habits” to more detailed courses such as “Hindrances to Prayer” and “The Mysteries of God.”  The student will also be taken on a survey of the Scriptures through verse-by-verse studies in some of the most practical books of the Bible.


If you would like to establish a Bible institute in your prison, I will do my best to help you find a local church that is willing to do all of the work required to make it happen.  After meeting your institutional requirements for training, a church volunteer would come to your prison once a month (1 hour) to drop off and pick up all the materials required (all paper) to supply your men or women.  This is a $5,000.00 value per student paid for by Gulf Coast Prison Ministries.  All you need to do is supply time and space for the inmates to sit down and study individually. The earned degree is free of charge also to one chaplain or prison staff member.

The best scenario is a local church already doing some kind of ministry (preaching, teaching, etc.) in the prison.  However, should no local church be involved (which sometimes happens), we will do our best to find one for you.


For Interested Church Members

Prison Bible School offers a free 3-year Graduate of Theology degree (Thg.) to two men in your church who are willing to go to a local prison once a month (1 hour) and keep the prison Bible students supplied with their curriculum.

This is an all-paper correspondence Bible Institute that requires a local church’s endorsement to stand behind their students to see that the papers are copied, graded, and recorded (one folder for each prison Bible student).

We start each school with five students, which would require a copier and one to two man-hours per week copying and grading.  If a few church members would help, they could come to the church 20-30 minutes prior to or after church and get the job done.  Every church involved in this ministry testifies that it has changed their church and has been a great blessing and not a burden.


Prison BIble school Contact Information

P.O. Box 311974
Enterprise, AL 36331

Phone: (334) 503-9860